Did you see that Fess Parker passed away today?

Reminds me of a story about Daniel Boone.

And no, this has nothing to do with Parker being a Disney Legend for playing Boone on TV.

It’s about a statue of Boone. Up until 1958 – my parents’ lifetime – there was a statue on the steps of the US Capitol Building of Boone stopping a tomahawk-wielding Indian from killing his frontier family.

Yes, on the steps of the US Capitol Building.

Tomahawk-wielding Indian.

My parents’ lifetime.

Photo in the public domain as a work of the Federal Government

When I first read about this years ago in a history book I thought it was a mistake. How insanely racist!

On the steps of the US Capitol Building!

For more, check out the wikipedia page for The Rescue.

Oh, and rest in peace, Fess.

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