Suicides at Disneyland Resort Paris

Poor Disneyland Resort Paris. It’s been the red-headed step child of the Disney family for close to two decades now, ever since it was known as “Euro Disney.”

Apparently three employees at the resort have committed suicide over the last few months: “Disney resort hit by staff suicides.”

While that’s tragic, I hardly think the working conditions could be “brutal”.

But then again, it’s all perspective. I’m sure there are cultural hiccups at play – what’s a fair practice to American workers might not fly in other places.

At least the article didn’t mention how the park didn’t allow wine when it opened in 1992. Criminy, they always seem to mention that. It’s like the go-to line for how culturally insensitive Disney was back in the day. But they never mention how the current Chairman and CEO is French. Never. Mais non!