The Roy E. Disney Animation Building

You might recall my mentioning how Roy E. Disney, Walt Disney’s nephew, passed away back in December (see Roy E. Disney).

I forgot to tell you that, at a memorial service in January , the company announced they were renaming the animation building on near the Disney Studio Lot the “Roy E. Disney Animation Building”.


I was legitimately touched when I read this, that was the building in which I worked for a good number of years around the turn of the century.

Of course, it might be confusing to folks in Burbank as there’s already a Roy O. Disney Building named after his father (who was Walt’s brother and business partner). It’s sadly the ugliest building in Burbank, a brute of a concrete 1976 mess, not unlike Boston City Hall, actually.

Anyway, apparently on Friday they had the official dedication of the building.

Here’s a photo: