Denver Fun Facts #3

Denver is big on sports. So you can imagine they’re one of the thirteen cities with teams from four major sports.

But they tout themselves as being one of two cities in the United States to have seven professional sports franchises (Philadelphia is the other).

(For the record, Arena Football League died in 2008.)

So they list:

  • Denver Broncos (NFL)
  • Colorado Rockies (MLB)
  • Colorado Avalanche (NHL)
  • Denver Nuggets (NBA)

  • Colorado Rapids (MLS)
  • Colorado Mammoth (NLL)
  • Denver Outlaws (MLL)

    Huh. Personally I’d say that the WNBA is bigger and better known than the indoor NLL or the outdoor MLL.

    Shoot, the MLL only has six teams! And one of them is in Canada!

    But since Denver doesn’t have a WNBA team, they went with these others.

    Instead I’d have brought up the Denver Barbarians Rugby Football Club from the Rugby Super League. “Denver Barbarians” sounds bad-ass. I might need a t-shirt …

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