PPH on LePage

The Maine Sunday Telegram really took a shot at Maine’s Governor Paul LePage today: “Our View: Gov. LePage acts like he’s in over his head“.

Key quotes are a-plenty, but here’s my favorite:

For the most part, the governor has surrounded himself with people who, like him, are novices to state government. He has filled his administration with people he is comfortable with, politically and personally, and excluded those who could augment his get-tough philosophy with experience, expertise and an occasional dash of common sense.

LePage doesn’t seem to take advice from anyone, much less from newspaper editorials, but we’ll offer some anyway.

The governor should recruit at least one adviser who can point him in the right direction, warn him when he’s about to make a mistake, counsel him when he’s in trouble. Maybe he could solicit advice from some former governors or other public officials – and act on it.


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