Thursday, January 01, 2009
Today is January 1st. You know what that means?

Three weeks until Lost is back!

In searching for photos of the new Lost toys yesterday I came across this sweet promotional photo of the fifth season cast that I have to share. (Click it to see the full size.)

From left to right: Jeremy Davies as Daniel Faraday, Terry O'Quinn as John Locke, Michael Emerson as Ben Linus, Mathew Fox as Jack Shephard, Elizabeth Mitchell as Dr. Juliet Burke, Josh Holloway as James "Sawyer" Ford, Yunjin Kim as Sun Kwon, Evangeline Lilly as Kate Austen, Jorge Garcia as Hurley Reyes, Rebecca Mader as Charlotte Lewis, Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond Hume, Naveen Andrews as Sayid Jarrah, and Ken Leung as Miles Straume.

Hmm, you notice anyone missing?

(Photographed by Florian Schneider and Bob D'Amico.)
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