Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Just read something frightfully wrong in this Boston Globe article: "Smithsonian displays Red Sox World Series mementos".

So the Smithsonian Institution added Jon Lester's jersey from the 2007 World Series and a third base from the 2004 World Series to its collection that also, as the article states, "includes the 1814 flag that inspired the Star-Spangled Banner and the lap desk Thomas Jefferson used to draft the Declaration of Independence in 1776".

Team President Larry Lucchino said today, "This is a hallowed place."

And then we get to the wrong-wrong-wrong part: "the ceremony today included Lucchino and Wally the Green Monster as the museum put the artifacts on public display."

Wait, what?

Wally the Green Monster? The costumed walk-around character?

Are you kidding me?!

Yeah, that's showing respect to the hallowed place of the Star-Spangled Banner and Thomas Jefferson. Inviting a third-string-Hanna Barbara knockoff to the nation's capital. Jeesh.


Here's Wally and Mr. Met - who's actually a hell of a lot more historic than Wally, as he was invented in 1963 - one year after the Mets began play - while Wally's only been around since '97
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