Friday, October 09, 2009
20091009_ufo.pngTwenty years ago today the USSR's second most famous UFO sighting was reported.

On October 9, 1989 the official Soviet news agency, TASS, published a piece about an alien craft interrupting a childrens' soccer game in the city of Voronezh during September.

Further they said two creatures emerged from the craft - a three-eyed alien and a robot escort.

Apparently aliens are Communists?

Voronezh residents interviewed later claimed they had observed this UFO many times on September 21, 23, 29 and October 2.

Some of these incidents involved contact with a different entity - a small alien, with grayish-green face and blue overcoat resembling a loose raincoat.

This might, however, simply be a case of Soviet escalation - on September 16, 1989 the residents of the city of Zaostrovka reported six silver UFOs in a heated laser battle with a large golden UFO.

So what defeats a UFO dogflight?

Why, only a close encounter of the third kind.
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