Monday, February 08, 2010
Man, what a bizarre Super Bowl. It's kind of nice not having a horse in the race, though, it's very freeing.

We pretty much spent the night mocking the entire event. The ads were pretty lame - that was the Tim Tebow spot? We had to go back to rewatch it because we were expecting, well, more Tim Tebow. The halftime show was fairly outdated, too - everyone born in the last 27 years must have asked "Who is The Who?" at the same time. And, as one of the other party-goers asked, if only Paul and Ringo played together, would they still call themselves "the Beatles"?

Do you think CBS picked The Who purely to help their CSI franchise?

And the stadium? All of a sudden last year it was "Land Shark" for the Marlin's MLB season, and now it's "Sun Life"? How are we supposed to keep track of these things ... I mean, I think about Miami very rarely, help me out people.

And the post-game show Undercover Boss was horrible. Really? That's what they picked? Give me a very special CSI or some other Bruckheimer-induced drama. Please. Anything but reality.

Sorry, getting kind of cynical. What would Conan do?

Oh, speaking of Conan ... what the hell was this ad all about:

Leno promoting Letterman?

Did we just have a flash sideways?

In the end the right team lost, and New Orleans won, now they can have Mardi Gras and a Super Bowl parade at the same time. Yikes.

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