Monday, January 05, 2009
Here's that article from The New Yorker from March 15, 2004 that I was talking about earlier today: "Letter from Miami: The Cuban Strategy".

Read it, it's wicked scary.

The two things that scared me the most about Jeb were these two blurbs - "Jeb switched back and forth between Spanish and English" and "Politically, he was deeply conservative — well to the right of his father".

So a super-conservative Republican who speaks flawless Spanish and has a Mexican wife and bi-racial kids?


Of course, the big drawback in his last name. Right now I don't think people would want a local representative named "Bush". Honestly, I'm a little surprised that Billy Bush is still the host of Access Hollywood.

Course he could change his name. I dunno, "¡Jeb Arbusto en 2012!" has a certain ring to it ...

Aye dios mios!
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