Sunday, October 11, 2009
20091011_fryeburg.pngToday's the last day of the Fryeburg Fair, a huge fair in the town of Fryeburg, about 25 miles to the west of us.

Yesterday, being sunny and the final day of the fair, the traffic was outrageous. I wanted to go to our PO box and pick up the Netflix DVDs and Time magazine that'd be waiting so they wouldn't waste away in there all weekend.

Of course, the post office closes at noon on Saturday, but it's only two miles away. Google Maps says it should take 3 minutes. Realistically it takes six, there's one stop light in there that I always seem to hit.

Well yesterday, with all of the fair traffic, it took me 20 minutes to drive the 2.2 miles.

I got there just before they closed.

At one point I almost stopped and walked the rest of the way. It would have been faster.

It's all well and good people want to go and enjoy the out-of-doors at the fair, but maybe next year they could help out the environment (and all of the folks who live along the route) and carpool to the damned fair.
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