Thursday, January 21, 2010
20100121_dodo.gifQuick blurb about Mauritius today. You might remember that's where we took our honeymoon (see Going to the Honeymoon Now! and Back from Mauritius!).

So they've had the Apple iPhone for some time (see What Do Qatar And Mauritius Have In Common?).

But now I just saw this article, apparently they don't have the App Store to go with the iPhone?

"Mauritius to Apple: Thanks for the iPhones, can we haz iTunes Store?".

I don't have an iPhone - Lord no, I don't have an iPhone - but as everyone else I know does have an iPhone (sans my wife, grandmother, and parents - although my Mom is always talking about the "there's an app for that" ad campaign, so she'll probably get one soon), I have a pretty good idea that without an App Store the phone is pretty hindered.

Very odd.

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