Sunday, October 18, 2009
How did I miss this?

Until my mom asked me if I'd seen the article about Dubai in last week's Time Magazine (the one with the sinking 401(k) on the cover) I hadn't. Guess I flipped through too quickly.

Perhaps I was just subconsciously skipping past the newly buff Michelin Man (steroids? gastric bypass? mid-life crisis?) on the facing page.

Anyway, the article, "A Five-Star Ghost Town at the End of 'The World'", is a little stupid. The author tries to hire a dhow from the Dubai Creek to go out into the Gulf to see the World islands. The poor Bangladeshi boatman is like, "I want a fare, sure, but I don't want to die today, you crazy white man."

Because taking a flat-bottomed dhow that's about the size of an SUV into the open water of the Persian Gulf is the stupidest thing I've read this month. The author, Tim McGirk, makes some lame half-story that the islands are guarded by security. Even if they are, it's still like taking an 18 foot fishing boat into the Atlantic. You just wouldn't do it.

Whatsamatta McGirk, Time won't spring for a helicopter ride?

But still, thanks to my mom for pointing this article out, and happy birthday to her, too!
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