Monday, October 12, 2009
Last night, as the "Boston" Patriots were being crushed by the still undefeated Broncos in their throwback uniforms (a fitting reminder of the first AFL regular-season game at BU's Nickerson Field back in 1960), I got to thinking about how thought it was Matsuzaka pitching in the 9th last night and Yahoo! said it was Okajima.

I remembered that Okajima is a lefty and Matsuzaka is a righty.

C'mon, even if you can't tell the numbers apart, you have to know your right from your left!

Oddly, this morning none of the Globe articles mention who pitched after Papelbon, while every other article in the world mentions Okajima.

Guess I was wrong that the hometown writers would be able to recognize their own players ...
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