Saturday, October 17, 2009
Remember last year how the New York Times travel page was stalking us?

One month we went to Khasab; they went the next month. Soon thereafter we went to Cairo; they were there a week later.

Well, we sure fooled them! We moved home, went broke and stopped traveling further than a 40 mile radius.

Or so we thought.

See, Liz and my first trip together was a quick weekend to Nova Scotia back in August of 2005. We went to Yarmouth, Kejimkujik National Park, Lunenberg and Peggy’s Cove.

So what did I see in the Travel section of yesterday's Times?

This: "The Other Nova Scotia: Where Pirates Prowled and Haddock Roam".

Their itinerary?

Yarmouth, Kejimkujik National Park, Lunenburg, Peggy's Cove ...

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