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Apr 22, 2011
Happy Earth Day!

To celebrate Earth Day today let’s look at the history behind the ubiquitous recycling logo: “Who designed the famous recycling symbol?”

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Apr 20, 2011
Beem on Mural, Free Speech

The lawsuit over the removed mural at the Maine Department of Labor’s headquarters begins: “Labor mural raises free speech issues.”
Apparently the judge, who coincidentally was appointed by GW Bush in …

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Apr 16, 2011
Edwards in the BNews

I don’t think I ever mentioned this here, but my brother was on the front page of his local paper, the Bridgton News, a few weeks ago:

Here’s a link to …

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Apr 16, 2011
LePage in the Times

The New York Times likes the whole “Tea Party governors are crazy” storyline. It may not be compelling journalism, but I bet it sells papers.
Looks like they just ran another …

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Apr 14, 2011
Vanity Fair on Dubai

I haven’t read the whole article yet, but check out this Vanity Fair piece on Dubai: “Dubai on Empty“.
It seems a bit racist at points (going “head towel in hand” …

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Apr 13, 2011
Disney’s Impact on Florida

Fascinating article in today’s Orlando Sentinel: “Disney says it generates $18.2 billion a year in Florida.”
Starts with a bang:
Walt Disney World and its related businesses in Florida generate an estimated …

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Apr 12, 2011
Dubai Apocalyptic Billboards

Interesting Gulf News article from the other day: “‘End of days’ billboards in Dubai to be removed, says official.”
Apparently some wacko church in the US is putting billboards up in …

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Apr 11, 2011
Muppets in the Media

The Sunday New York Times had an interesting article about the Muppets: “It’s Time for Your Face-Lift, Miss Piggy.”
It’s pretty much about the upcoming November 23, 2011 film The Muppets.
Odd …

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Apr 4, 2011
Yes, More LePage

I’m so sorry about this.
See, I don’t watch Jersey Shore and wouldn’t know “The Situation” if I fell over him, but this Paul LePage mural malarkey is almost as bad …

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