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Mar 22, 2011
Free iPad Story

I don’t know if I buy that this is true, but it makes a great story: “iPad 2: Wife Says No, but Apple Says Yes“.
Apple is paying close attention to …

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Feb 4, 2011
Prototype iPad 2

Not to be too much Apple, but apparently one of their execs made a little mistake this week.
He (or she) brought a prototype iPad 2 … to a room full …

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Apr 15, 2010
Cat and iPad

Awwww …

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Mar 16, 2010
Mini vs. iPad

Yes, I’d like a Apple iPad when they come out in 18 days. But I’m wary of being an early adopter, especially on new Apple products. You might …

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Mar 8, 2010
iPad Ad

Awwwww yeah:

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Mar 5, 2010
April 3 is now “iPad Day”

You might have seen this already: “iPad Available in US on April 3.”

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