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Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

A month ago I mentioned my “mall dreams” (see I’m Up!).

Well I had one Monday night. I don’t remember the dream much, but I want to catalog it here.

I don’t remember much, but I was decorating a Christmas tree in a huge Macy’s-sized Disney Store.

Then the dream took a detour, and I was skiing, and my old boss was there … very odd.

I’m Up!

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Good morning! It’s barely morning now, on the shy-side of 4:30, but I’m awake as can be. Must be because I fell asleep at 9 last night watching the Olympics. Hope this doesn’t bite me on the other end tonight while watching Lost

Had some weird dreams last night. The most recent involved me, my littlest cousin, his father and my father at a McDonalds. We were getting my little cousin a cup of milk.


Also had a mall dream. Have we talked about those here? I have recurring dreams every few months of being in a mall. The thing is, it isn’t a mall I’ve ever been too – it probably doesn’t even really exist. And every dream it’s a new mall.

What I don’t get is A) I really don’t care for malls and B) why would I go to all of the trouble to invent a mall? Most of the time it’s a very elaborate dream, too. I could tell you about the floorplan, design, approximately when it was build, etc.

Of course, this being me, most of the time there’s a fake Disney Store in my fake mall. Seriously.

I’m not a dream expert, but I think that this is weird.

Anyone have a theory on this?

Anyway, now I’m up.