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Flickr Views

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Did something happen at Disneyland Resort Paris’ Hotel Cheyenne this week? Like, on August 8?

See, I have a Flickr photo sharing page. That’s where I have photos from Dubai, photos from some trips (without people), assorted artsy shots of Portland.

My 950 photos generally get 100-200 views on a given day. So either 200 viewers came to look at one photo, or 100 people came to my gallery and looked at two photos each. Generally it’s more like 8-12 views of certain photos each day.

Oftentimes people end up on my photos after Googled searching for a term that’s one of my keywords – such as “Burj Khalifa”.

Speaking of the Burj, one of my photos of the world’s tallest building had the most views in my gallery, about 11,200 or so as of this week. That makes sense, it’s newsworthy, it’s cool looking, and it’s a nice photo.

My second-most viewed photo was Dubai’s Ibn Battuta Mall, third was Ski Dubai, and so on, but following in the top ten were a few shots of Disneyland Resort Paris – I guess my photos show up when you Google the resort.

And somehow I had 4,132 views on August 8 alone for this photo:

Disney's Hotel Cheyenne, Disneyland Resort Paris.

I also had 1142 views for this photo:

Disney's Hotel Cheyenne, Disneyland Resort Paris.

In fact, on August 8 nine of my ten most viewed photos were of Hotel Cheyenne.

I had 7,493 views in one day.

It looks like they mostly came from Google, too.

I scoured the news and didn’t find anything (yet) but this is just odd. Something had to have happened there … why would everyone be Googling it at once?

Nadal at Disneyland Paris

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

My wife likes tennis, I like Disney. Put them together, you get Rafael Nadal at Disneyland Paris celebrating his fifth French Open:

Suicides at Disneyland Resort Paris

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Poor Disneyland Resort Paris. It’s been the red-headed step child of the Disney family for close to two decades now, ever since it was known as “Euro Disney.”

Apparently three employees at the resort have committed suicide over the last few months: “Disney resort hit by staff suicides.”

While that’s tragic, I hardly think the working conditions could be “brutal”.

But then again, it’s all perspective. I’m sure there are cultural hiccups at play – what’s a fair practice to American workers might not fly in other places.

At least the article didn’t mention how the park didn’t allow wine when it opened in 1992. Criminy, they always seem to mention that. It’s like the go-to line for how culturally insensitive Disney was back in the day. But they never mention how the current Chairman and CEO is French. Never. Mais non!