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Justin on the Apology

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Our old friend Justin Ellis has weighed in on the Portland Press Herald apology: “Journalism Fail: Why the Portland Press Herald’s apology for covering Ramadan is wrong.”

Ellis Leaving Press Herald

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Reporter / blogger Justin Ellis just announced he is leaving the Portland Press Herald as of March 31: “Early retirement comes to the NXT Desk.”

Ou friendship with Ellis started two and a half years ago when he wrote about our Dubai adventure in the paper (see Portland Press Herald). Fortunately for us it continued in person once we were back stateside.

It’s a shame that the Press Herald is losing the one writer who connects with, as he says, “the young people” – covering their culture, technology and local music. In this day and age the mainstream newspapers need all of the readers they can get, and, as the cliche says, “children are the future.” To lose that voice is unfortunate. It seems that papers need more writers who can bridge the gap between young and old, reporter and blogger, hip and stoic.

I really wanted to link to his November 6, 2008 article “An aspiration no longer out of reach” about the election of President Obama, but it’s archived now and behind the paywall. If you feel like coughing up the two bucks it’s a fantastic read.

Anyway, I’ll miss Ellis’ contributions to the Press Herald, but wish him luck on the next chapter.