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Starbucks and iPhone

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Wow, this combines two of my favorite stories of the last few weeks – one can now pay at Starbucks using one’s iPhone!

Check out: “Now at Starbucks: Buy a Latte by Waving Your Phone.”

I have to point out that there’s actually no waving involved, however; there isn’t RFID in the iPhone. It’s simply an iPhone application that displays a barcode specific to one’s Starbucks gift card that the clerk barista then scans.

But I can see where “wave” sounds more futuristic.

31 Ounces of Coffee

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

I meant to mention the new Starbucks Coffee logo the other week but was swept up in other nonsense.

It’s okay. Nothing earth-shattering. (Although changing the logo on 16,000-some-odd stores might be costly!)

Well Starbucks is in the news today, again for something rather silly. Today they’ve announced a new 31-ounce sized iced tea and coffee drink – the “Trenta”. Check out: “Starbucks Expanding Rollout Of 31-Ounce Drink Size“.

Canada’s National Post points out that’s larger than an average human stomach.